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स्व० श्री रामधनी के प्रपौत्र एवं स्व० श्री जगरूप सिंह के सुपौत्र श्री राम सुन्दर सिंह ने इस डिग्री कालेज का नाम अपने पूर्वजों के स्मारक के रूप में मुंशी रामधनी जगरूप सिंह डिग्री कालेज बैशकांटी - कौशाम्बी रखा हैं |

श्री राम सुन्दर सिंह व्यवस्थापक जी की व्यवस्था से महाविद्यालय के नाम से खरीदी गयी 5 बीघा भूमि पर, बैशकांटी में आबादी से मात्र 250 मी० दूर पूरब में स्थित हैं | बैशकांटी भ्वनी का पुरवा हेतु नव निर्मित पक्की सड़क महाविद्यालय के दरवाजे से होकर जाति हैं | महाविद्यालय के पश्चिम व दक्षिण उपरोक्त सड़क तथा पूरब व पश्चिम में खेल हैं |

The College!

The batches of initial year brought laurels, name and fame to the college through 97% successful results. The successive batches took it as a tradition and are still maintaining it.

Although the College started by focusing on education to make students self-reliant and to prepare them for careers in the commerce field, it gradually extended the scope of its activities to include the molding of the overall personality of the students. With greater competition in every walk of life it has become a necessity to prepare students to shine in all areas.


The vision of Mu. Ramdhani Jagroop Singh Degree College is to provide quality Education in India with special emphasis on Primary Education in both urban and semi urban areas. If we have to give good Primary Education for our children who are the future citizens of India, there is great need to have quality teachers with a knowledge of innovative teaching methodologies, and that is what Mu. Ramdhani Jagroop Singh Degree College (B.Ed.) undertakes to do, under the able guidance of C.S.J.M.University.

Our Mission

Educating Leaders for the Next Generation

Mission Statement:

Mu. Ramdhani Jagroop Singh Degree College, founded in July 2008, is a scholarly community dedicated to shaping the future and understanding the past. Faculty, staff, and administrators welcome diverse and talented students into our community, work closely with them to provide a broad and deep education, and guide them in finding and cultivating their passions. We do this with a wide range of disciplines and interdisciplinary programs in the liberal arts and Teaching, as well as academic, athletic, cultural, and social activities,
including opportunities to study abroad and to participate in graduate research and community service. We develop in our students the analytic and reflective abilities needed to become engaged, innovative, and ethical contributors to an increasingly diverse, global, and technologically complex society.

Our Members

Mr. Rajan babu Singh

Founder of The College

Miss. Shanti Devi

Founder of The College

Mr.Ram Shundar Singh

Director of The College

Mr. .........

Principal of The College

students say

  • Mu. Ramdhani Jagroop Singh Degree College is a great place to study and keeps getting better and better. I joined the college in January 2010 as a B.T.C student.
    The College helped in making my dreams come true, developing my skills and understanding beyond what I could have hoped for. The lecturers in the College are really professional and helpful.

    Sarika, Kaushambi
  • I chose Mu. Ramdhani Jagroop Singh Degree College because of its good reputation in teaching and its creative atmosphere. Classes and teachers were all excellent. I got exactly what I wanted out of this course. As I love making friends the best thing has been meeting people from different places.

    Krishna, Baishkanti